Heck The Crested Gecko

Heck was made back in 2016 and is my personal suit! Heck is a Crested Gecko base off of 2 of my pet cresties at the time. One was Snickers the Harlequin and the other was Cookie the Dalmation. I combined their 2 patterns to make my own unique fursona which at the time was the only Crested Gecko Fursuit! Over the years I've seen 2-3 more but its a very rare species. Heck is a Partial that features a Head, Hands, Arms, and Tail. The head Was made on a custom made foam base and furred using blizzard fleece. The head features a magnetic tongue, tons of frills, tiny hand sewn teeth, and over 30 hand sewn spots! Hecks 5 fingered hands have pads to look like the sticky pads of a real crested gecko. Hecks tail is about 3-4 feet long with a diamond pattern down the tail and a tiny sticky pad on the tip like a real crestie. The majority of the suit was handsewn with a few details machine sewn. To this day I consider heck to be the icon of my buisness. Currently in the works is a 2.0 which is in my current projects tab and a custom kigu by beastmode!

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