Heads $1000-1,500+

At base price a fursuit foam head will include flat eyes, 1-2 colors in fleece/lux shag, ears, and nose

For a fee you can all kinds of awesome upgrades such as 3d follow me eyes, complex hair made of fur or nft, resin follow me eyes, silicone nose, moveable jaw, teeth made of fabric or resin, piercings, a beak, extra tongues, airbrushing, whiskers, horns/antlers, the possibilities are endless.


I can also include magnetic features like eyelids for expressions, magnetic tongues, a removable nose, hair that clips on and off, removable piercings, etc.

heads can be made of custom carved foam or foam/resin headbase from other artists.

im always open to new ideas though if you want something truly different!

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