Fall 2020
1) Ymmortal (sergal partial)
2) TheUrbanKitsune (demon Raptor lrg partial)
Winter 2020/21
3) ThatlockMaru (hyena head)
4) Noble1777 (gecko dragon sm partial)
5) sketchagon (corgi Planti Fullsuit)
Spring 2021                                              6) FeeshFuckah (wyvern Digifull)

7) UrijahStone (grey wolf lrg partial)
8) SpeaksWithBones (tuatara Sm Partial)

Summer 2021

9) open slot

10) open slot


Arms/Feet Skink

Arms Cat

Rat parts 

Pending Payment

UrijahStone (grey wolf lrg partial)

SpeaksWithBones (tuatara Sm Partial)


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