Terms of Service

Paypal usd

I require 33%  non refundable down payment before the suit is started.

Payment plans are decided when your commission has been accepted. Please look at price sheet for base prices. Prices are due to change on complexity and materials.

If payment plan can not be completed you can be refunded over time except for the 33% down payment which is non refundable.
In the case of refunding a commission the customer cannot be refunded the 33% downpayment or any other fund spent on materials. If you desire for materials to be sent to you you must cover shipping on all materials desired. Refunds are issued in payments at once or over a period of time if the refund exceeds $100. NO FULL REFUNDS WHATSOEVER 

Suit will not be given or shipped until paid in full.

Shipping is not included and calculated upon completion

Must be 18 or older to commission me for Fursuit products. If your a minor I cannot take your money due to paypal legality reasons and sizing concerns

Please contact me on Twitter, Telegram or Facebook only

I will usually reply within a few days max

I work on waiting list order. I can only work on a few suits at a time.

Suits will take about 8-16 months (with current que) or more depending on complexity. Parts will be done within a 6-12 month period depending.
I do my work in seasonal order so if your claiming a slot for lets say a winter timeslot your suit will be worked on and completed during that seasonal time period of that year

When you get on a waiting list we will discuss prices and when a spot opens up you have 1 month for a 33% down payment. If this can not be paid you will be bumped back a spot and contacted again in the future

I will not  do any Angel Dragons, Copyrighted characters, or stolen characters.. I have the right to refuse the client based off of these rules, complexity, or personal bias of the character. 

I require a dtd for any arm, legs, or body commissions. I also require measurements of head, hands, and feet. I do request a tracing of hands for the best fit or possibly shoes to used with the feet.

Please have a reference of your character or a general idea of what it will be. I do alot of artistic freedom suits and build designs on the spot. I will send plenty of updates especially if you ask. If their is something you do not like please tell me right away.

If any damage happens to your suit please message me and we can work something out where I either explain how to fix it or fix it myself. Most repairs can be fixed with thread, needles, and patience. But if you feel uncomfortable fixing it you can send it to me to be touched up and fixed for a small fee.
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